Labor Law Compliance posters

Compliance Poster Company helps you inform your employees of their rights and protects your workplace in one simple step using our Labor Law compliance workplace Posters. The Labor Law poster covers all State, Federal, and OSHA-required labor law postings. Have questions about which postings are required for your business? Give us a call! We can answer your questions. Stay in Compliance.

What You Need To Know

Federal and State level requirements are constantly changing. Here are some questions you need to know the answers to.

Short answer: Just about anyone running a business unless the employees are all immediate family members. Everyone else is covered by various laws and regulations requiring the posting of labor law posters at the state and federal level.

While having compliance posters is one part of the puzzle, it is actually necessary to display all the posters that are required by the state and federal government. Labor & Compliance Services™ has a poster that makes this very easy – it’s the Complete Labor Law Poster which satisfies all legal posting obligations.

While the Complete Labor Law Poster satisfies all state and federal along with OSHA posting requirements, if there is a city-specific poster that must be posted as well.

We stand proudly behind our posters and guarantee they are compliant through a 365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee not only pertains to our posters being compliant, the guarantee is a “hassle free” guarantee which means you can return our posters for any reason.

Not very likely. In general, labor law poster requirements change two or three times each year, and pieces of your state and federal labor law poster will need updating.


2023 Workplace Safety Choking and Food Allergy Poster in English/Spanish


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